Cost of moving to France

These costs will vary dramatically based on some choices. I will just give a rough idea based on my experience.

items I decided to move :

  • Any “sentimental” and personal items
  • All electronic equipment. Computers, TV, projector
  • clothes

Items I did not move :

  • Cars
    I sold one of my car and left my other car at a friend’s place in his driveway in the US
  • furnitures
    I just had everything given away or trashed

The total of what I moved represented

  • 2 palettes
  • weight : total of about 550kg
  • Volume 3.3 m3

The initial payment to the US moving was $7000

At the arrival of the goods in France, the French “moving” company contacted me and had me pay additional fees : 700euros
These represented various  fees such as:

  • handling fees
  • Shipping to home address
  • customs

Additional noticeable misc fees to take in consideration :

  • Boxes ( could be purchased at Home Depot ), use the “strong ones”
  • pallets ( I was lucky, the driver who that came to pick up the boxes had a couple empty pallets in his truck he could give me )


Now, if I had to do this again (which I did to go back to the US), I would have hired a moving company that pack/load/ship goods without me having to handle much of the logistics.


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